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Opal Communications Limited brings together international VOIP routes with competitive tariffs and an exclusive gateway which empowers you to buy Direct Inward Dialing (DID) and oversee SIP addresses, call quality, billing and more.

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Products and Services

  • Superior voice call qualities with progressive features

    • Tier 1 direct connections via Local Network Operator, Mobile Network Operator, Regional Network Operator or Parent Company call suppliers
    • Daily analysis to guarantee the route delivers CLI
    • Transparency of ISUP signalling for roaming (OCN and RDN)
    • 24/7 proactively managed service quality factors such as jitter, stability, Answer-Seizure Ratio, Average Call Duration, Average Length of Conversation and Call Completion Ratio
    • Tier 1 grade features to exceed your primary quality considerations
  • Premier Quality of Service (QoS) and inexpensive tariffs.

    • All call paths use secure, stable superior quality suppliers
    • Caller ID and signalling features are completely supported across the Opal Communications Limited network
    • Service Quality principles are actively administered and compared against Opal Communications Limited’s top tier retail traffic standards
  • Quality of Service (QoS) routing with uncompromising market-based tariffs.

    • Opal Communications Limited Standard provides you with a blend of A-Z routes with QoS and uncompromising market-based tariffs
    • Routes that benefit from spot market opportunities yet retain top quality with proactive management of QoS parameters
    • Cost-efficient, outstanding call quality that enables your company to be competitive and profitable
    • If routing requirements demand choices that are not included in our Premium Plus, Premium or Standard packages, in nearly all circumstances we can build a solution that’s custom-made for your company.
    • Contact us immediately to talk with our professionals who will be pleased to acquaint themselves with your specific aims and ambitions, enabling us to build a flexible package for you.
    • With Opal Communications Limited Standard, you can enjoy the convenience of administering your call termination and virtual phone numbers with one common account, via our gateway.
    • DIDs provided in numerous locations internationally with competitive tariffs.
    • Buy and maintain your DIDs easily from the gateway and pick from our wide range of national, international and toll-free numbers.
    • Completely redundant secure private network that delivers minimum downtime and almost unbroken service for your virtual numbers.
    • 24/7 assistance.

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Online Gateway

Our web based gateway enables you to manage your usage the way that you like to - modify SIPs, determine call quality, funding methods and more online.

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Frequently asked questions

  • How do I sign up for a Opal Communications Limited account?
    Simply fill in our contact form below and our professionals will contact you to explain everything.
  • Can you supply an address in addition to a number?
    Virtual offices are becoming increasingly popular and can be sourced by Opal Communications Limited. Contact us to discuss your preferred location.
  • How do I pay?
    Depending on your location in the world and services that you are using, we have various payment methods. Contact us to discuss your own circumstances.
  • Is there a minimum obligation?
    There is no minimum volume or monetary obligation - you only pay for the amounts and services that you use.
  • How do I check your rates?
    After completion of the contact form, one of our professionals will contact you and supply all necessary information on rates and tariffs.
  • Can I order DID’s with your gateway?
    Of course. Once your account is fully in place, you can view and order DIDs through the Opal Communications Limited gateway.
  • How do I find out the DIDs rates?
    Fill in the contact form and we will contact you to discuss our best available rates.
  • How do I order several DIDs?
    You can buy as many DIDs as you need via the Opal Communications Limited gateway.
  • Can I buy Toll-Free DIDs?
    Toll-free DID’s are available in many territories but not all. Please contact us today for further details.

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